• SHE'S GOT KNITS (the interviews) - Lester at Prosper Yarn

    Welcome to the second in a series of interviews with local businesses at the centre of the knitting revolution. This week the spotlight is on Lest...

    B  E  C  A  U  S  E  I hope you’re doing the 100 day project or are following someone who’s doing one. If you’ve chosen a project close t...

    Life can be seen as a series of overlapping projects (“deadline” is suddenly sounding…different 😳). Some of the things we do are literal projects (building a house, planning a wedding) and others more metaphorical (raising children, finding/creating work we love). Most of us are too busy to add yet more DIY to our list but if you’re at all creative or artistic, hear me out. If you’re not practising, there’s one project you should consider:

    A 100 Day Project.


      I really love research. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an artist and acting is fun, but finding out about stuff is my JAM. If I could be a res...

    In French grammar, the noun force is feminine and its adjective “agrees”, with an “e” on the end: majeure. If you google “force majeure” you get “unforeseeable circumstances”, “irresistable compulsion” (I like that one), “superior strength” ( I LOVE that), “an effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled” (bring it on!), an “Act of God”.

    Isn’t that…love?