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If the idea of "personal branding" makes you shrink from your screen in horror, I can help.  Embrace your digital profile as an artist and creative professional by building a library of images that you love to share. I offer a couple of different services:


Headshot shoots start at $350+gst for eight edited  images, taken at my studio. We spend an hour together and this is enough for 3-4 looks and some backdrop changes. Extra images are $30+gst each. 
If you're after a shoot which comprises more creative portraiture, I LOVE doing that stuff so get in touch via my Contact page in the MENU, above. We can shoot at the studio or anywhere you feel will give your personal branding and storytelling depth and colour. A shoot which includes more portraits and personality than a regular headshot shoot starts at $550.
Jess at The Soft Spot craniosacral, Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa


If you have a side hustle or any creative project on the go which needs documenting for your website or a funding process, I can come into your workshop or rehearsal room. Shoots like that start at $550, on location and with at least 20 edited pics.
Hollie from Hark Handmade works in her home studio.


I started producing honest, dynamic, intimate photographs of artists and creative professionals when I completed a 100 day portrait project in 2015
Since then I've worked extensively with dancers, actors in rehearsal, and with other artists and creatives to produce portrait and process imagery that clearly communicates "the spirit of the thing".
I have a deep appreciation for the energy of creativity and artistic expression, and I know how to make it beautiful by making it real. I'm committed to capturing the spontaneity and soul of artists, of creative practice, and of artforms of all kinds. 
If you want imagery that grounds your work in the real world and inspires your audience to move closer to you and your creations, that's what I make.
Get in touch with me here to find out more.
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