In this age of Pinterest and screenshots, it's really easy to forget that cool things were actually made by individuals - with names - and to lose track of who created the cool things in the first place. Also, we all know that unscrupulous people rip other people off, so it's really important that artists can claim their authorship and protect their creations and their brand in the following ways:


I own all of the original designs I sell.

Unless otherwise stated, all teeshirt designs, writings, and artworks (paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, digital prints) on this website are made by me or were commissioned by me and I retain all rights to their sale and reproduction. 

These rights make sure my authorship is recognised and they make sure that I (as opposed to someone who has appropriated my ideas) benefit from the fruits of my particular mind, heart, and hands.

These rights include:

- the rights to images of sold & commissioned original paintings, to images of sculptures, and to photographs I have taken for my own purposes (ie not those you pay me to take);

- the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork I create, for sale (eg as a limited edition print);  

- the right to state that the buyer may not reproduce any artwork in any way without written permission from me. 

It is possible for a collector or buyer to buy these rights for a particular work from me. They may want to make sure the work is not reproduced by me as a print, for example.

If you wish to publish any of my written work, please contact me directly via


All of this doesn't mean you can't post about your new things on social media, of course. Fire away! I'd love you to tag me.

And if an image of work you've purchased or a photograph I took for you ends up in a publication, I'd love a credit/shout-out.



P.S. If you're a nerd and you're curious about IP, here's some legal stuff to help you understand how intellectual property works in New Zealand.


Here's what the Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment has to say about copyright.

Copyright protects the particular manner in which an idea is expressed or information is conveyed.

Under the Copyright Act 1994, copyright protection happens automatically when any original work is created. I don't have to register the work as there is no formal system for the registration of copyright in New Zealand but sometimes you will see a little © symbol on my work.

Everything you see on this website is an example of the "literary and artistic works" that are protected by the Act:

"Artistic works: Graphical works such as paintings, drawings, plans and maps, irrespective or artistic "quality" or merit; photographs, sculptures and models; buildings and models of buildings; and works of artistic craftsmanship that must have some artistic quality or level of skill.

Literary works: Written works such as novels, poems, articles, notes and song lyrics; computer programs; tables; and compilations, including compilations of works and compilations of data."