This page is where you'll find the nitty gritty about garment sizing, how preorders work, what I can do if something goes wrong, all the usual e-commerce stuff. (You will also see info in here about products and services I don't offer yet. Any questions, go to the CONTACT page.)

How do I choose the right size?

All sizing information for each style of garment is provided in the Product listing, as a chart in the photographs and as a fit description.

Raid your wardrobe for your favourite comparable singlet/tank/tee/sweater and grab a measuring tape (or some string and a ruler), then lay your favourite flat and measure it across the chest from side to side, just below the armholes.

All measurements in the chart refer to the garment laid flat (ie not circumference; don't measure yourself, measure the garment). 

How do preorders work?

Some designs are "in stock" but some are available "by preorder". This enables me to give you what you want without having to hold a lot of stock (and spend a shit tonne of money in the process). However, it does mean you have to wait longer than you would if you could just Buy Now.

Your order is confirmed when your payment has been processed.

The preorder closure date is stated clearly in the Product listing. Bear this in mind when you order so that you know how long it could take for your purchase to arrive [see Printing Time, below].

Do you do Returns or Exchanges?

Not with Preorders.

When I do a teeshirt printing run as a preorder, it's REALLY important that you refer to all the info I give you about sizing and fit. At the moment, my business runs on a small scale and so any exchange of preorder gear means that I end up with something it could take me a while to sell (ie you're doing me a favour by doing your best to get things right first time).

I'm not a dick though so if what you buy is unwearable, I'll do my best to get you something that fits. I can swap your preorder if I have the right size in stock, I can add you to the next preorder or, if it's an emergency, we can do things via Special Order [see below].

What about Refunds?

Everything I sell is in perfect condition when it leaves HQ. I check all garments before I send them for construction and print quality.

Your shipping cost takes into account all the measures I need to take to protect your new thing(s). I wrap all artwork appropriately and take great care that your purchase will arrive exactly as you would expect. 

If your purchase is faulty (as opposed to damaged in transit) then we can chat about exchanging it, or I may refund you.

How long does it take for preorder garments to be made?

Up to four weeks from the closure date.

I place a preorder and confirm it within the week of the Preorder closure date. Production can take two to three weeks after that. 

I've seen something I love but it's "out of stock". Can I order something that's not in stock or for preorder?

The short answer is YES. It qualifies as a Special Order.

What is a Special Order?

This is when I make what you want as a one-off. 

The ballpark cost of this one-off service is the stated price for the garment style in the Shop, plus $50 for a teeshirt, tote, or teatowel, sweater, or hoodie. This price comprises the cost of production and the extra admin I have to do.

If you want to do a special order, flick me an email to hello@amandabilling.co.nz with a copied link and/or a screenshot of what you'd like, along with your sizing preference.

How do you take the people and the environment into account in your production?

PEOPLE: I keep things local where I can simply because it's efficient and I prefer to support local businesses. Production for me is less about churning stuff out and more a kind of collaboration. As a "solopreneur", building a team based on relationships is an essential part of my creative process.

All screen printing is done by Excellent Screenprinters on Dominion Road in Auckland. They have been printing my work since the beginning, 15+ years ago. 

All embroidery is done by Positive Image in Newton, Auckland. Kellie, the Production Manager, collaborates with me on colour choices. 

Most new garments are sourced from NZ-owned AS Colour. They take a conscientious approach to their sourcing and production and the "About" section on their website will answer many questions you may have about ethics and sustainability. Start with this FAQ page on their website and go from there.

PACKAGING: I hoard bubble wrap so I can send fragile items. I use recycled or re-used cardboard packaging where possible. All courier bags are either commercially compostable or are made of recycled plastic.

Everything is sent via NZ Post.