Last year it was the THINKING CAP (all sold out now).

This year it's MOTHER TRUCKER.

The ignition point of this idea is my of my best girlfriends, Sheridan. Unlike me, she prefers not to swear profusely (although catching her in the act is pretty satisfying) and she will substitute more Sunday-friendly words like Sheesh, Flip, and my personal favourite and spark for this design, Mother Trucker. Seeing as I'll probably NEVER hear her use C U Next Tuesday, I take pleasure in her coming this close to a sturdy, GTFO expletive.

I swear like a sailor, generally. You should hear me in the car, especially on a hot Friday afternoon in Auckland's inner city. I appreciate that some people don't want to suffer the embarrassment of saying Fuck in a Zoom meeting with people they only just met (it happens every time and every time I say Never Again), plus my own mother says Sugar sometimes instead of the far more satisfying Shit, so I can get with a more G-rated approach to cursing. These substitutions require the kind of self control I lack (or rebel against, if I'm honest), so I admire people's restraint. But of course, this cap is a TRICK really...MADE YOU SWEAR! Or did I?


Of course, you may just like this idea because you have mothers in your life who are rock and fucking roll (like Gemma, below) and you want to celebrate them. My friend Andrew bought one for himself because he loves the subtle gag. You may BE a mum who wants to sharpen your parental identity a bit, but without the neck tats or the Valiant Charger (and v-8s are so uneconomical).





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