Lara and Sunny and the dogs by Amanda Billing photography

One weekend a few months ago, my friends Lara and Sunny came along to the studio with their dogs.

Mea (blonde) and Robbie (black - you can spot him in the bottom right corner there) are two greyhounds Lara adopted a few years ago from the wonderful people at May Hounds

Mea the greyhound by Amanda Billing photographer Auckland New Zealand

Spending time with Mea and Robbie was a tonic for the soul. They’re adorable. Lara also brought along her boyfriend’s blue heeler, Astro. Temperamentally poles apart from his long-limbed “siblings” and a classic heeler: needs a long to do list, clear instructions, and then some peace and quiet for the mind. I can relate.

Astro the blue heeler by Amanda Billing photographer Auckland New Zealand


On Sunday night, as I posted the images to Instagram and read the stream of heart-felt comments from my Art Friends, I realised this is something my 100 Day Project and seven years of human portrait shoots has prepared me for: capturing the character of beloved animals. (The images also remind me of the pinchpot pinnipeds - remember them? Might have to make some more… .)

Robbie the grey hound by Amanda Billing photographer Auckland New Zealand

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Lara Fischel-Chisholm and her daughter Sunny, by Amanda Billing photographer, Auckland New Zealand

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