If you're creative but you can't get going because something is holding you back, get in touch. I can help.

You don't need to have any commercial aspirations, you might just be feeling a new creative itch or you might want to go back to something you used to really enjoy but it's been a long time. A conversation with someone who has been there and understands is worth its weight in gold.

I can help with overwhelm, procrastination, stagnation, boredom, and valuing yourself through valuing your creativity. That's because I've been there, too. I still go there, I can just do it more consciously now. The dips and difficulties are still tricky to navigate but I'm learning they're a necessary part of growth as an artist and as a human being.

It's pretty clear that I'm an insatiable creative. I've always been this way but in the last couple of years having a creative side hustle has brought structure, satisfaction, and financial support to the rather unstable life of a jobbing actor. I've learned some stuff and am happy to pass it on to anyone wanting to turn their hobby into a hustle.

I love helping people solve creative problems so get in touch.

This is what people say about working with me, both in general creativity activation and as a creative commerce coach:

"Amanda is warm and open, and her support is insightful, honest and pragmatic. She listens carefully to help establish the essence of where and why creativity is not being expressed and is compassionate, flexible and candid as she helps to build an individualized framework for a path forward. Being a very talented creative herself across a wide range of disciplines, Amanda is able to draw on a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to support her in her coaching role.

It was a pleasure to work with Amanda and Im very grateful for the help she gave me."

- Julie Sinclair


"Amanda mentored my tiny side hustle The Particulate. She pulled out my messy ideas and helped me turn them into cohesive steps and goals. I came away with a set of homework to complete and I can’t wait to discuss it and see what the next stage is. The space she created was warm, inspiring and personalised to my business. She walks the walk and her suggestions were (are) backed by years of figuring out the best way from her own business experience."

- Victoria Abbott